WPUMC Five Areas of Focus

  1. Developing Principled Christian Leaders
  2. Creating New and Renewed Congregations
  3. Dismantling Poverty
  4. Promoting Abundant Health
  5. Dismantling Racism

Bethany’s Response:

Developing Christian Leaders: Bethany UMC created a team at the November 2019 Charge Conference to identify and train leaders. In June 2021 Bethany hosted a Confirmation class and welcomed six new members.

Creating Renewed Congregations: We are focused on moving forward. Our mission is viewed as a living idea, and we are looking for ways to continuously support and improve how we do ministry. We are addressing accessibility and safety. We are starting a cross-over program from Bethany’s pre-school. We have found new ways to reach our shut-ins. Bethany’s leadership is addressing the multi-generational needs of the people of God’s Kingdom.

Dismantling Poverty: We serve the local community and beyond through Saturday’s Kitchen, United Methodist Human Services, Missions to Honduras, Bible School, Christmas Giving Tree, Easter baskets to families connected to UMHS and Cambria County Children and Youth Services. We support local families as needed.

Promoting Abundant Health: Each year Bethany hosts a health clinic for the community. We offer building space to Weight Watchers and Christian Counseling. Through our mission trips we provide food and shelter to isolated regions.

Dismantling Racism: In this time of our country’s division, we’ve held services to address the state of the nation. Our current ten-week book study, “The Book of Forgiving” by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu, addresses ways how to ask for/how to forgive/moving on. We are planning worship services in the future months based on the book study.

…leave no stone unturned