In prayer . . . we ask God to search the inner recesses of our hearts to make us truly clean. We strap on spiritual armor and stand against the enemy’s schemes. We trade in our tangled knots of anxiety for His peace that passes all understanding. We receive whatever we ask of God when we ask according to His will and in Jesus’ name. No doubt about it, the results of prayer are simply astounding.

Jesus calls us to abide in Him. Through prayer, we delight in His presence, meditate on His Word, and walk in His Spirit. As we do so, He transforms us. We begin to absorb His priorities and passions. We start to see the world and people through His eyes. We obey Him. Over time, we even become more like Him. The world can tell when we’ve been in the presence of Jesus.

Abiding in Christ through prayer not only marks us as disciples, but enables us to make disciples.

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