Cathedral Choir

Lift the name of the Lord through music and enjoy some fun and fellowship along the way! We prepare and sing anthems of all kinds from September through May. Each Christmas the choir also prepares and sings a special Cantata to celebrate the season. Amanda Peretin is the choir director and does an excellent job with choosing the music to be sung and also directing the choir.  We are always looking for new persons to help with the singing.  If you think you’d like to be part of this extraordinary choir, just simply show up any Wednesday evening and Amanda and the choir members will welcome you.  Practices are Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. We welcome all singers, whether you can read music or not!

Angel Voices

Our purpose is to praise God and learn more about Him through music. Practice is during the 10am Sunday Service 2 weeks per month.  Children ages 3 and up who wish to sing are welcome!

Bell Choir

If you don’t wish to sing but still want to contribute musically, join us for bell choir!  We are always looking for more hands to help us make a beautiful sound for the Lord.  Under the direction of Rhonda Eash, bell choir meets after choir practice on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm.  Even if you don’t have experience, it is easy to pick up.  We have a great time together, too!  See Rhonda for more information.

Special Music

During the summer months, members of our church share their musical talent by performing a song during the regular worship services. In the past we have heard remarkable singing talents, flute, piano, and xylophone solos, and more. If you are interested in sharing your talent this summer, talk to Amanda Peretin.

“Hold on to the Rock”