Mt. Calvary WELCA

Mt. Calvary WELCA invites you to join them as Luella Kreiger portrays: Mary, Mother of Jesus, May 29 at 7:00pm. Flyer posted on bulletin boards.

Volunteers Needed

People are needed to visit those folks who cannot come to church. If you would be willing to help in this much needed and graciously appreciated ministry, please call church office.

Items for Trustees

If you would like to bring an idea or need to discuss an issue to the attention of one of the trustees, please make a note and place it in the slot of the office door. Thank You

Cleaning Buckets Needed!

Because of the widespread flooding that we are reviving throughout Southern Pennsylvania, the Eastbrook Mission Barn has exhausted their cleaning bucket inventory. We are being asked to help with the effort to help raise 100 buckets in the Johnstown District. The cost of building a bucket is $75. would you please consider contributing to help raise the funds needed to get the buckets that will help those who really need them. Place your donation for cleaning buckets in an envelope and mark the gift *CLEANING BUCKETS* and place it in the offering plate. This is a great way to show people in need how much you really care. After all, you never know when  you might need such a valuable outreach ministry.

Children Needed

Anyone 10 years of age and older who is interested in learning sound and power point come on back and talk with Dustin